Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Review: Doctor Who: The Highlanders on Vinyl

Demon Records have joined forces with HMV for the next release of a Doctor Who vinyl ... and this is on something called 'HMV Vinyl Week' ... not sure what that is, but it seems to be a week when HMV have available a variety of exclusive LP records for sale. It's a little like 'Record Store Day' (which is just for independents) for HMV ... And this record is in the '1921' range of releases ...

So the release that they have chosen this time is the soundtrack to a sixties Doctor Who story called 'The Highlanders'. This is interesting as firstly, the actual television episodes don't exist - so we can't see the story. And secondly as this story was the introduction of the Doctor's Companion Jamie, played by Frazer Hines ... and indeed it's Hines who narrates the soundtrack (by which I mean he fills the listener in on what's happening during the sequences when there's no dialogue and it's hard to tell what's going on).

The LP records are in a blue and a red translucent vinyl (I assume echoing the colour of Jamie's tartan) and each comes in a slipsleeve containing Radio Times style billings for each episode. The cover image is a strangely unimpactful image of the TARDIS on the battlefield with Redcoats and Highlanders fighting, and with a cannon in the foreground.

Overall it's a nice addition to the range of vinyl releases of Doctor Who.  Good to see another sixties story get the treatment.

RELEASE DATE: 14th June 2024
FORMAT: 2LP 140g Translucent Red & Blue Vinyl
BARCODE: 5014797909540

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