Friday, October 14, 2011

The Reviews are In

Just wanted to take a moment to pass on a few reviews of my new collection, talespinning. As some will know, this collects just about every piece of fiction I have written over the last 30 years - I'm not prolific at fiction - and I really wasn't sure if people would like it. 

First off, the first big review I got, from

'These stories made me want to read more horror and I don’t think I can conjure up a greater compliment.'

'As a whole, this is a great collection with something for most horror and fantasy fans. Doctor Who fans, especially those from the classic pre-2005 era, will doubtless find the Who-verse tales of great interest but there is more to this book than just the Doctor’s world, and the other short stories are all worthy of your time and attention. As a horror story novice I found this a great introduction to a variety of styles, allowing me to get a bit more understanding of the genres I am drawn to and as such talespinning will sit well on the shelves of horror, fantasy and science fiction fans alike.'

Then the book was perused by at

'The two excerpts from David’s novels were fantastically written, but frustrating to read because I wanted more! The excerpts conclude at a point where plot-threads naturally remain unresolved. The fact that these can stand alone should be considered as testament to the quality of David’s writing.'

'David J Howe's talespinning is a great collection of short stories, scripts, and excerpts, and will be particularly enjoyed by anyone interested in Dr. Who.'

And finally, an 8/10 piece from SciFiOnline at

'The pieces which I thought worked the best was Moonlighting and Blackfriars, both of which are deliciously macabre.'

'As a collection of shorter fiction this collection is eminently readable with a nice range of stories in differing forms.'

Needless to say I'm pretty delighted with the initial reaction, and Sam is now nagging me to finish the novels ...

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