Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lost Girl vs Terra-Nova

I like to dip into and try episodes of any new FSFH shows which come along on telly. Recent misses for me have been Tru Blood - saw a couple of episodes, had no idea whatsoever what was going on and so passed on it; Warehouse 13 - which I actually enjoyed, but have managed not to see very much of as it didn't grip me; Doctor Who - which Facebook Friends will know I've not thought much of this year (for the first time in 48 years!); and the new Torchwood: Miracle Day - which was about 6 or 7 episodes too long, and ultimately seemed to be about nothing whatsoever.

There's a couple of new shows started recently. First is Lost Girl. We missed the first episode, but came in on part 2, and this had me hooked immediately. The premise of the show is that there's Fey creatures all around. As in Angel they have their own bar, and everyone tries to get along with everyone else. Lead protagonist is Bo, who is a succubus - if she doesn't get a regular dose of love-energy then she will die. Problem is that taking the energy kills a human. So she is hooked up with a werewolf chap called Dyson who doesn't die when she feeds. She has a human sidekick in the intensely quirky and likable Kenzie, and there's a sort of backstory where she's trying to find out who her parents were ...

So we have tales of leprechauns, human corpse-eating creatures, sirens and just about every other sort of fantastical creature you can imagine. But it all works. Anna Silk as Bo is very good in the lead, and Ksenia Solo as Kenzie is simply brilliant - I'm not sure if it's the actress or the scripting, but whatever it is, it really works.

We have Lost Girl on Sky Repeat Record now so as not to miss an episode ...

I wish we could say the same for the new Spielberg TV series Terra-Nova ... We caught the first episode and thought, hmmm ... we've seen all this before. A family in a dystopian future takes some sort of government initiative to travel to a new world where they can establish humanity all over again (or something). But the new world is 50 million something years in the past, and there are dinosaurs there, and a compound like out of Jurrassic Park, and it's just so so slow and boring.
We watched the second episode to see if it improved, but no. All about the kids getting caught outside the compound and trapped by raptor-like dinosaurs while some breakaway group of dissidents called 'Six' are sparring with the leaders of the compound group.

It's like every sort of after-the-disaster film and TV series ever made ... human factions warring between themselves, some Primeval-like dinosaurs thrown in to provide a backdrop, and just angst and angst and angst from all the characters all the time. Tedius.

So that has now been deleted from the Sky box ... we won't be watching any more.

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