Monday, May 04, 2009


My word, doesn't time fly ... I'm feeling very guilty at having completely neglected my blogging and hopefully will be able to make some time to catch up a little over the next few weeks. There's a lot been happening for me personally which is the main reason for the the lapse but I have notes on the Christmas Who special, and the recent Easter episode to talk about (Lara Croft on the Planet of the Flies), as well as hopefully some other random subjects. So apologies to all, and I'll try and pen something more pithy over the coming weeks.

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Anonymous said...

(Sorry to be the commentator with no name again. Blogger keeps telling my password is wrong, again.)

David, no need to be guilty.

I was just concerned that, given there has been a global economic meltdown, you were okay.

We spent the last week of the kids' Easter holidays in ..... Cardiff. Guess who we bumped into?
Russell T! Well I say bump into, My wife and my 2 sons were sitting outside in Cardiff bay waiting for "Technoquest", an interactive science exhibition, to open. Normally I would have said hello but my youngest son has Autism and kept me awake for hours the night before so I probably looked like something the Weevil had dragged in. In addition, combine that with my accent which is more Frankie Boyle than David Tennant and RTD may have thought I was about to mug him! But I should have thanked him for his great work on the show. It must be strange being famous though - RTD lokked a bit wary & it must be a pain if you nip out for some coffee and some scruffy 6'3, shaven-headed bloke gives you a look of recognition.... he might have thought I was Lawrence Miles and maced me.