Sunday, April 15, 2007

Summer's Here

I was going to blog today on yesterday's episode of Doctor Who ... unfortunately I'm in a bad way today. Summer is here and so my hay fever has kicked into overdrive today and I have a muzzy head, am sneezing all over the place, eyes itching, throat irritated and generally feeling like rubbish. Add to this a nasty ulcer on the side of my tongue at the back which paralyses it and makes it sooooo painful to talk, swallow and eat and I am really not in the mood for anything much. It's also hot ... really hot for the time of year. I think the weather people said 80 degrees or something today and it's only mid-April. I really dread to think what the Summer will be like if it's this hot already. And no, I don't live in Spain or Florida or India or anywhere you might expect it to be warm at this time of year, but plain old London, England. So as my concentration span is like that of a gnat at the moment, and I'm feeling like death warmed up, I think I'll leave the blogging on Who until tomorrow when hopefully the antihistamines will take effect and I'll be feeling better. I have been taking them all week, but every year I get one day where nothing will touch the allergies and it looks like today is my day of hell for 2007. Went out this morning and got some Anabesol liquid for the ulcer - at least it deadens it and allows me to eat in a relatively pain-free manner - and I think I need to find the cheapest place for Loretadine this afternoon ... maybe a trip to the local big Tescos is in order. At least it's air conditioned in there :) David


TimeWarden said...

Sorry to hear you're not well. Look forward to reading your review of "Gridlock" when you're feeling more up to it!

Mark Parmerter said...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather, hope you are well soon. I was quite stunned by what I thought was a brilliant episode, continuing a consistently wonderful start to the new series, and am looking foward to your thoughts on "Gridlock."

Al the best,
Mark Parmerter