Thursday, March 17, 2005

New Who

As I write it's just over a week before Doctor Who returns to UK TV with the first episode of the new series. And I cannot wait. No, I don't want to download it from the Internet and watch it on my poky PC screen (this is always assuming I can be bothered to wait the hours and hours it would take to download on my dial up connection). I want to be watching it for the first time with everyone else on the 26th March ... But this week we saw the trailers. Proper trailers. With Daleks in. And spaceships. And fireballs. And a TARDIS interior which is awesome. And a Doctor who I already adore. I cannot wait. Did I say that already? And then there's the wall to wall newspaper coverage ... something in the papers every day. Granted some of it is made up (thank you the Sun and the Star for your ongoing efforts here) but most genunine. And then there's the billboard adverts. I was impressed to see one at Waterloo Station in London, and then this morning, my train stopped at Clapham Junction and there it is again, bigger than I have ever seen ... wow. However ... one note of warning. I asked my 11 year old son if they were talking about the Doctor and the new show at school, whether they were looking forward to it in the playground. And his response was no. If you mentioned it, you'd be called a sad freak ... hmmm. So it's fine to collect beyblades, to watch incomprehensible Pokemon cartoons and to be able to quote The Simpsons verbatim ... but to talk about Doctor Who in the playground makes you a sad freak. I wonder if the attitudes will change as the series rolls out. I'll be asking my man on the spot what he thinks and whether his friends have changed their tune. But for the moment ... I really cannot wait ...

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