Sunday, March 20, 2005

Doctor Who Night

Well that was fun ... a pre-new series night of Doctor Who type stuff. I'd not really seen the documentary before, and thought it was well done. I realise it was a repeat, but I think I let my video watch it before and never got around to seeing it until now. Everyone aquitted themselves well - and it was nice to see Tom Baker appearing alongside everyone else as well. It's a shame they didn't factor in any archive footage of Troughton (maybe from Pebble Mill) or Pertwee (from any number of interviews he did) to represent them, but nevertheless it was a great slice of vintage WHO. John Culshaw was cool ... and I always smile when he slips into Tom Baker, and around the TV we were all doing Baker impressions as well ... big smiles and exclamations of 'Weeeeelllll' and 'Aaaahhhhhh' all the time. The facts were amusing and I guess this was a cheap way of adding to the 'night' without actually spending any more money on anything other than John in a crypt somewhere ... The MASTERMIND show was also well done, with John Humphreys managing to be not quite as patronising as he has been in the past towards the contestants. I was very amused by the quip from one of the contestants about him having regenerated from Magnus though. The questions were good I thought, not too hard, but with some stinkers in there as well. I didn't do too badly on the WHO, though it's debateble whether I would have bettered the 22-24 marks got by the contestants. However I stink on general knowledge, and so I would have failed there totally. It was great to see Christopher Eccleston at the end, and Karen looked suitably impressed/embarrassed to have won. All in all it was a good evening's entertainment. A prelude if you like to the first of thirteen main courses starting next Saturday night. Be there.

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