Saturday, July 10, 2004

More Zombies

I finished watching ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS 3, a film which seems to have been called AFTER DARK in a previous life as this was how it was credited on the cast biogs ... a strange tale combining voodoo ritual with opening the gates of hell which seems to bring the dead back to life as rather speedy zombies with the usual taste for chowing down on anyone close, and spewing green slime from their mouths when not eating ... The acting was down to the usual terrible standard, and all the zombies had sacks on their head - maybe to disguise the fact that they were all Portuguess extras or something. There were a couple of nice moments there ... an early attack by zombie birds made me smile, there's a loony gun-obsessed chap there who's good for a laugh, and also a woman who seems to have a total recall memory of things that happened when she was about two years old - including exact details of what her parents were working on. The end of the film has perhaps the best effect as a girl is 'zombified' as she looks in a mirror, but overall it seemed to be the usual mix of running about pursued by the undead and backing towards open doorways ... I love these films though ...

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