Friday, July 16, 2004

Awards Showcase

Just got back (literally) from a British Fantasy Awards showcase in central London, at which loads of authors and editors and other interested parties were viewing and discussing this year's British Fantasy Awards.  Telos has three books in the running, as well as Telos itself, and it was great that Daniel O'Mahony managed to get along to keep the Telos flag flying.   Steve Jones MC'ed the event and gave a great talk on the Awards and the importance of them before having a kind of open discussion about what the Awards meant to people and why they are an integral and key part of the genre in this country.  It was nice to meet and chat with fellow Telos author Christopher Fowler, as well as other folks like artist Les Edwards, and publisher Andrew Hook.   As is always the case I drank a little to much, but it was a tremendously fun evening with some stunning books to see, and to take for free in some cases :)  

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