Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cybermen and Covers and Voices

Cybermen. I have long had a great fascination for them. Unlike the Daleks, which never scared me, the Cybermen terrified me as a kid. Probably because I was a kid at the right time: The Moonbase, Tomb of the Cybermen, The Wheel in Space and The Invasion ... four of the best ever Cyber-tales and all sixties and all Troughton. But now, it's 2006 and the Cybermen are back as evidenced by the totally awesome cover for the new Radio Times ... wow. I love it to pieces. And then this morning (which is Tuesday 9th May) I heard the new voice on a radio advert for the show this morning ... golly gosh oh my! At least it was a new voice. For all I know the standard Cybermen sound different from the CyberLeader who sounds different from the CyberController - it is the latter who is pictured in all his brainy glory on the front of the Radio Times. The voice sounded to me closest to that of the CyberPlanner from The Invasion ... which seems appropriate as International Electromatics, the company which featured in that sixties story seems to have a part to play in the forthcoming 2006 adventure. Roll on Saturday :)

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Ian K said...

Great write up, David. thanks for that.

I had kind of assumed a couple of things different from you. Firstly that the people at the party were not being killed by the Cyber Death Grip, but rendered unconcious for later conversion. I know the effect looked the same as the pre-titles death, but who knows? When they surrounded the Doctor and Co. for "deletion" they had their fingers pointed out as if the were going to actually kill them by some other method. The jabby, pointy finger of death, perhaps?

The other was the comment about emotion. I assumed the Doctor meant emotions were removed because their very presence caused pain, rather than the actual conversion which did cause pain, as we could hear the subjects screaming.

Nevertheless, a great episode and a great write-up. Cheers!