Sunday, April 16, 2006

Totally Doctor Who

So the BBC tries to up the anti with Doctor Who and to provide more content for the pre-teen audience that the show has attracted. However Totally Doctor Who was a shambles from start to end. First of all, it didn't have any real sense of being related to Doctor Who at all. Aside from a somewhat confused title sequence showing cartoon monsters and Doctor and the music, the presenters seemed so out of their depth it was embarrasing. Liz Barker reportedly left Blue Peter to do this ... boy was she mis-advised. I wonder who it was aimed at as well - Doctor Who is primarily for a family audience (ie aimed at adults and kids love it as well) and yet the BBC seem to think it's watched primarily by under-5s judging from Doctor Who Adventures magazine and some of the other merchandise, and so this show tried to be hip and with it for today's 'yoof' and totally missed any target in doing so. It will be interesting to see how it develops and if it gets any better as it goes along ... to be honest it can't get worse. It reminded me most of those Saturday morning shows that ITV tried to do to compete with the BBC's Live and Kicking when it was at its peak - almost all totally missed the mark. To be honest I would rather have seen all of that Doctor Who film made by the two fans and featured on the show as that was pretty impressive given their resources.

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Mrcyam said...

A truly horrendous show. Patronising to kids. They'd do better to show DW Confidential in this slot.

I believe they were after Blue Peter's Gethin Jones as co-presenter because of his being Welsh and DW being made by BBC Wales but were told no as it would spread him too thin as far as also presenting Blue Peter went. Instead they plumped for Liz Barker as she was leaving Blue Peter anyway - she certainly didn't leave for this show.